Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 6

An OK day for a Thursday, EXCEPT, I heard the grandmother making plans to take me to the VET tomorrow! There is absolutely nothing wrong with me, but my Mom likes for me to go to the same Vet that took care of all of our family's Golden Retrievers, (including my cousin Atticus of Bluebonnet Fame) whenever I am visiting Richardson. I have a very good vet in Houston, but our whole family loves Dr. Mark Carter of Springhill Veterinary Clinic. And his staff, too. Anyway, anytime I spend time with the grandparents, I go and visit with Dr. Carter for awhile; he asks me how things are, I tell him just fine, he tells me I'm handsome, I tell him I know that, but thanks for the compliment - you get the picture.

My Dram gave me a new 'girlfriend' today. I think she wanted me to stop 'loving' the throw pillows on her couch. She's pretty hot. (My girlfriend - not my Dram.)

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