Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 1

Well, on Saturday, I left my wonderful home in Houston to meet my Dram and Grandaddee in Centerville, Texas so they could transport me back north (all the way to Dallas!). They are keeping me while Mom and Dad go to London and Scotland for a delayed honeymoon. I love my grandparents, but I do NOT love storms or cars. We had a very DANGEROUS trip, because the worst rainstorm (Really, really - the worst ever!) in the history of Texas fell on our car almost the whole way! Oh, but I was so brave! I sat bolt upright in the backseat (well, when I wasn't trying to make sure Grandaddee wasn't afraid by poking my head under his arm and resting my head on his chest) with VERY big eyes and sort of a drippy nose! But we made it safely to Dallas, and my Dram (some dogs say Grammy - I say Dram) gave me a wonderful treat when we got home. My mom might read this, so I won't rat Dram out by writing down what it was.

Later that night, she sat on her bed and worked on her computer while I watched "Nature" on PBS. I am, in case you wanted to know, an extremely literate, cultured dog. I also stood on their balcony and made sure none of the piranahs or sharks in the swimming pool tried to get out. (They tried to tell me they were just leaves in the pool, but I KNEW BETTER!)

It rained some more, but I was snugged up right in the middle of the grandparents, so I wasn't at all scared. And neither were they, because I was there to protect them. We all slept pretty well.

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