Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 12

My Mom and Dad are back in TEXAS and I am really excited to see them! They said that there were lots and lots of dogs in Scotland. (Like I care...) The Grandparents are taking me home to Houston this weekend. I'm just not sure how Grandaddee is going to survive without me in Dallas, however. We are, like, attached at the hip - actually, I mean heart!

Last night, the grandmother was broiling a steak and the smoke from the broiler made the smoke alarm go off. I HATED that noise and followed my Grandad around until he made it stop. Then he sat down, and I came over, looked up at the smoke alarm and then I kissed him on the nose. He killed the monster, you see.

I'm thinking Dram will probably be OK without me - she just more or less tolerates me being around. (Heh heh! I crack myself up.) This is the woman who almost cried at work this morning because she told me, before she left for work, that the thunderstorms were going north of us, so it would be OK. Well, guess what? We had a giant storm about 10:00. She was worried that I would think she lied to me. (She was right. I did. ) She needs to do some major sucking up when she gets home from work. I'm thinking that part of that steak she fixed last night would go a long way toward a reconciliation.

This is how I will look at her when I tell her just how abused I am:

Think she'll fall for this?


Yes, indeedy, she fell for it. Like a ton of bricks...

Not only did I get some steak, she came home with a new toy for me, too.

Well, good night, my friends and fans. I think these pictures just about tell the story, don't you?
Mama and Daddy, I'll see you tomorrow night!

I love you!

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  1. I don't care WHO ya are, that there pup is CUTE. He needs to come live further north....but still in my house. :)