Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 4

My Mom is in London right now with my Dad, doing scary things like touring where Jack the Ripper used to be and where some people got their heads chopped off.

Anyway, she always wants to know what cute things I do while I am away from her. Silly Mom!


That's redundant!

Tonight the grandparents are going to watch "American Idol". Not sure why - if there aren't animals to watch, (I try to see where they get in and out of the television.) I usually doze off.

I have a cousin named Atticus, who lives in Dallas. We are lucky dogs to live in Texas! He got to have his picture taken in the Bluebonnets (which is our state flower) that grow close to where my Dram and Grandaddee and Uncle Jay work. He's very handsome, isn't he?

Sometimes I pester him when I want to play.

Sometimes he gets angry with me.

Sometimes he tells on me.

Mom and Dad, if you find an internet cafe' in London and get to read this, I love you! But I should tell you, my Grandaddee is trying to convince me to live in Dallas with him always.

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