Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 11

Can you believe that my grandmother was working ON HER COMPUTER from HOME when she could have been paying attention to me? I'm pretty sure that won't happen again. I had a very serious talk with her.
I think she understands her duty now.

OMG! We had a horrible, dreadful, HUGE thunderstorm yesterday. The thunder was so loud that it shook the building and the lights went out and the lightning flashed and all sorts of B-A-D things were happening outside. And WHERE were the grandparents that profess to love me SOOOO much!? AT WORK! They told me they didn't know we were supposed to have any storms that day - that the weatherman had just mentioned that a few isolated storms might occur. Well, here's the skinny on that - isolated storms mean that said storms will search me out wherever I might be and KA - BOOM on my head! Not that I'm scared, you understand, I just get annoyed at the disruption.

Fortunately, for me (and for them - I'm certain God would have smote them had they not come home to take care of me!) the Grandparents showed up in the middle of the storm to give me my medicine that helps me calm down (from being disrupted - NOT scared!). It was pretty funny to see them show up soaking wet, dripping with rain and apologies. They also gave me lots of hugs and kisses - yuck - who wants to hug a wet Grandparent? But I very kindly allowed them to, since they felt so badly for leaving me alone when a Dreadful Storm (sort of like the Dread Pirate Robert - ever see Princess Bride?) was coming.

I also got a bite or two of cheese out of the deal. Then they had to go back to work...heh-heh! They got to explain to the folks at their work about rushing home so the Granddog didn't get nervous (uh, I mean disrupted...). Some people just don't understand dogs and grandbabies (I mean granddogs!) If they would just quit their jobs and stay with me, we wouldn't have these issues.
My Mama called today and she is so excited to see me.
I miss her and my Daddy a lot.
Here's me waiting for them to come home.

I love you, Daddy and Mama.

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