Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 10 (Mother's Day!)

We had a nice Mother's (well, Grandmother's) Day. My Dram was very glad I was here. She and I slept late and hung out together most of the day. (But I still miss my own Mama!)

Anyway, Dram told me that the town they live in, (Richardson, Texas), has a wonderful event every May. It's called "Wildflower Festival" and they have it because this whole town grows wildflowers EVERYWHERE! Next weekend, they even have a big 3 day party with music and drinks and artists and all sorts of cool stuff. So, we went for a walk so I could look at some of the flowers and I decided to pose in the flowers next to Dram's house.
Am I not just INCREDIBLY handsome!?
(I kind of think that Richardson's Wildflower Festival
will name me their official mascot next year.)

I'm not conceited, you understand, just confident in all my Golden Glory!

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